Canon Creamery 

Canon Creamery 

is owned and operated by the Canon family of Western PA. The Canon Crew consists of Mark Canon, his wife Marie, along with two of their children, Trent and Josie.  The Creamery offers fresh, non-homogenized milk that comes in reusable glass bottles along with cheddar cheese curds in four delicious flavors. Come visit us on the farm or find our milk and cheese at Palumbo's Meat Market.  

Flavor of the Month :

Mocha Milk!

(Here until Feb 6th)


Tuesday 1pm-5pm

Thursday 1pm-5pm

Saturday 9am-1pm

Or by appointment

(Set up an appointment by calling or texting 724-866-2114. Please leave name and number when leaving a message.)


All bottle Deposits - $3.00

Whole Milk Half Gallon - $3.00

Flavored Milk Half Gallon - $3.50

Whole Milk Quart - $2.00

Flavored Milk Quart - $2.25

Cheese Curds - $3.00 half lb/ $6.00 per lb

Other Products available at Canon Creamery

Polka Pasture eggs - $3.00 per dz

Heavens Touch Fudge - $4.50 per box

Canon's Ground Beef - $4.00 per lb

Canon's Special Cuts Beef - $6.00-$7.00 per lb

We are a cash only business

Located at 22 Jackson Road West Middlesex PA 16159