Milk Flavors

Whole White Milk


Orange Cream


Cookies & Cream


(Mocha, Strawberry, Orange Cream, and Cookies & Cream are on rotation. Check out the flavor of the month to know what tasty flavor is in stock!)

All Bottle Deposits - $3.00

Whole Milk Half Gallon - $3.00

Flavored Milk Half Gallon - $3.50

Whole Milk Quart - $2.00

Flavored Milk Quart - $2.25


Our milk is Non-Homogenized, it does not go through the homogenization process like most milk you get from the store. This means that the cream separates and rises to the top when it sits in the refrigerator for a period of time. This creates the “cream line” and a cream line is a good line! So before you pour remember to shake your milk!

Glass Bottles

We have reusable glass bottles! This is awesome for so many reasons, but we need your help to keep it this way! To buy a bottle of milk you have to put a $3 deposit down for the glass bottle. When you return the bottle you get $3 store credit, which is best used to buy your next bottle of milk.

We only accept CLEAN bottles back! All you have to do is put some soapy water in them, shake them a few times, and that's good enough for us!